2019 GYC // DAY 3 WRAP UP

Delegates celebrating at the campfire

With the GYC rapidly coming to a close, it was time for the delegates to have their first experience of the General Assembly (GA) with a practice Block Debate and Mock GA to start their day. Delegates debated the merits of an iPhone over an Android and quickly learnt the format that the real GA would take on the final day of the GYC. The hard work that had been put in during the workshops was obvious, delegates were more confident and more vocal, sharing their opinions and creating discussion with those that disagreed with them.

After the second round of workshops, the afternoon was spent enjoying some Japanese Cultural Performances. Okinawan music performers took to the stage to open the performances, sharing with the delegates the history of their group, their passion for music and getting the whole room up on their feet and dancing while they played traditional Japanese instruments like sanshin and shime-daiko.

National and international award winning DJ Hi - C was accompanied by breakdancer B-Boy Kossy, turning Rokkosan YMCA into a nightclub scene and teaching some new dance skills to the delegates. For a change of speed, delegates also participated in a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. Led by Katone Baba who has 10 years experience in Tea Ceremony, delegates tried their hand at preparing their own tea and enjoyed the traditions and customs that came with it.

As we all know, the last night at camp means only one thing for the YMCA - it’s time for a campfire, and the Global Department still had a few final surprises in store for delegates as the day came to a close. Gathering outside next to a beautiful campfire built with love by the Rokko interns after a busy couple of days, this was the perfect time for the delegates to take pause and think about all they have experienced and learnt during the GYC so far.

To set the mood for the evening, very talented Yosakoi group Mugenkajipitwu got everyone on their feet and learning some traditional dance moves before DJ Dawang took the stage to perform as the delegates, equipped with sparklers, danced around the campfire.

Finally, the delegates wrapped up their day in their debrief groups sharing what they had learnt from their experiences so far. Today was challenging, pushing delegates outside their comfort zones with their English and public speaking skills, but it became very clear just how passionate and driven the 2019 GYC delegation is.