2019 GYC // DAY 4 WRAP UP

Delegates voting to pass a resolution at the General Assembly

Just like that, the 5th Annual Global Youth Conference has come to an end! It was with mixed feelings that delegates awoke this morning for their last day of the GYC. Starting their day off with the Workshop Report and Debate Question Vote. Facilitators each gave an overview of their workshops and the questions that had been raised throughout each session. Delegates were asked to vote for their top 3 questions from a possible 12, which thought important to be heard and debated at the General Assembly.

Once selected, it was up to the Block leaders to put together draft resolutions according to their teams position on the issues. Resolutions ranging from the balance between economic growth and environmental protection, the responsibility of the education system in contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN’s SDGs) and the delicate balance between cultural practices and the environment.

After lunch, the delegates made their way back to Osaka YMCA’s headquarters in Tosabori for the culmination of all their work from the past three days; the General Assembly. Dressed in traditional or formal attire, the 2019 delegation certainly looked the part of young global leaders. As each block leader stood to present their draft resolution to the delegation and representatives from the Osaka YMCA Executive team, the passion and confidence of the young people was undeniable. Genuine discussion and debate led to three final resolutions. These resolutions, presented by General Assembly Chairperson Kikoy De Leon, aim to increase the visibility of the UN’s SDGs, challenge the notion that culture takes precedence over environmental protection and prioritising ecological concerns over economic development.

To officially close the 5th Annual Global Youth Conference, Associate Director of Osaka YMCA Global Department Dominic Pangrazio addressed the delegation, sharing with them how proud he is of the growth the Global Youth Conference over the past 5 years and the hope it ignites in him for our collective future. GYC Facilitator Ramya spoke of the knowledge we all gained throughout this week. ‘As the proverb goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We believe that through this conference, by educating ourselves on these issues, we have all taken that first step,’ she said.