GYC 2019 // DAY 2 WRAP UP


Delegates participating in the Amazing Race

After a much needed rest, delegates awoke on the 2nd day of GYC 2019 to a deliciously cooked breakfast from the Mt Rokko kitchen staff to fuel them for their first day of workshops. Delegates separated into workshops that had a central focus on the Environment: Sustainable Cities, Human Wastefulness, Deforestation and Understanding your Ecological Footprint.

In each workshop delegates were encouraged to step outside their comfort zone and immerse themselves in interactive activities. In the Sustainable Cities workshop, for example, participants had the chance to build their own ‘dream city’. Facilitators Madeleine Shoenfeld and Jeff Lam presented the delegates with examples of cities that are making their mark with cutting edge sustainable practices, cities like Singapore with their cutting edge water management. Delegates then had the chance to build their own dream city. Set in another time, on a new planet - delegates were asked to design their city to accommodate 30 000 citizens. Participants had to balance the costs of new infrastructure, the standard of living they want in their city and the greenhouse gasses their city will emit. This workshop is a practical session in understanding the complexities of urban design and the balance that must exist in planning for a new city.

After the delegates attended their second workshop for the day, the Rokkosan YMCA Interns took the lead for the afternoon activities. Delegates were let loose on a Stranger Things themed Amazing Race that has been 4 weeks in the making and proved to challenge even the most competitive of delegates. Sun, sweat and bug bites not withstanding, the teams made their way through physically and mentally challenging activities to find the missing children and solve the mystery.

After a well earned dinner, delegates dusted off their dancing shoes, warmed up their vocal cords and got ready to display their skills at the World’s Got Talent. The brief - showcase what is unique and special about your country. Delegates from China wowed the audience with a pop rendition of traditional poetry from the Tang Dynasty, team North America tested everyone’s knowledge of the continent with a competitive game of Jeopardy. Teams from Japan performed traditional and modern pop dances, getting the delegates up on their feet to join in.

And finally, the delegates were treated by an acapella performance from some of their facilitators and Rokko interns. In the spirit of Global Citizenship, the group of 7 performers from 5 different nations came together in perfect harmony with only one week of rehearsals behind them to deliver a mesmerising performance.

Closing out the day in their debrief groups, delegates got to share with each other their highs and challenges of the day. For many, the workshops presented them with information that was new, sparking a new interest in all things environmental conservation. For others, the workshops were a stark reminder of the current state of our planet and the need, now more than ever, for a united effort from all people to tackle global issues.