2020 GYC has been rescheduled to August 2021 due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Make sure to check out our website to keep informed on 2021 GYC and of all our upcoming events!

If you are a local student in Kansai area, you can still be involved by joining the GYC Youth Committee. Click HERE for more information

What is the GYC?

The GYC is a 4 day international conference that aims to develop young global leaders and raise awareness on global issues and global citizenship. Our goal is to hold an event run by young people for young people that can positively impact local and international communities



GYCとは若いグローバルリーダーを育成 し、地球的課題や地球市民権を啓発する ことを目的とした国際会議です。私たち の目標は青少年自体が青少年のための 地域社会や国際社会に積極的に影響を 与えるイベントを開催する





Who Are We Really?

This theme will explore: identity politics and cultural appropriation, gender issues, the relationship between gender identity and biology, notions of sexuality, abortion rights, equal access to work, body rights and image, the LGBTI+ community and gender discrimination; trans issues and feminism

2021 GYCのトピック:


アイデンティティ政治と文化の私物化、ジェンダー問題、ジェンダーアイデンティティと生物学の関係、セクシュアリティの概念、妊娠中絶の権利、仕事への(平等)公平なアクセス、身体の権利とイメージ、LGBTI +コミュニティとジェンダー差別、トランスの問題とフェミニズム